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The Forest Buddha

About BuddhaDude.Net


This website is an independent information guide that is written, edited and maintained by K N K Consulting, an independent computer consulting company, specializing in software development using Microsoft Technologies; we also just happen to be Buddhists and wanted to provide a site for Buddhists.

Site Intention

To help ease the suffering of all beings.

Buddhism is the ultimate, “Do It Yourself” project, unfortunately this project will not be completed in a weekend. Even the Buddha himself took 20 years between enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree and FULL enlightenment; be a teacher, but more importantly, always be a student!

If you mainly study Zen and are having difficulty understanding Emptiness, why not learn from a different angle, Tibetan teachings for example.

If we help to guide even one being, we have accomplished our intention, for the cascading karmic effects will eventually touch all beings.

By providing:

  • Inspiration, guidance.
  • Links to other Buddhist sites.
  • Resources (Books, Books on CD’s, Audio CD’s) to guide visitors to teachings they may or may not have considered.

Once actions equals intentions, happiness will we found…

What This Site Is Not

A Place For Us To Make Money

First and foremost, this is not to be considered a commercial or materialistic site. Yes, we have a limited amount of advertisings for our book store, and yes, we are selling books. We did not however create the site to make money, the “deal” we have with Amazon is to put any money we gain from commissions into Amazon gift cards, so we may purchase more books at a discount. If…at some time the sale of books become so great that the credits we receive become more then the amount we will ever read, we pledge to change the “deal” to a mix of both Amazon gift cards that may be donated to schools and libraries, and cash that will be donated to various charities.

The charities we regularly donate to are:

  • The local food bank.
  • The local hospital for buying equipment.
  • The local SPCA.


We welcomes submissions of articles, tips, advice, links and ideas from our readers. To submit any material to, Please use the Contact Us page to email us.


BuddhaDude.Net respects the privacy rights of our clients, contributors and readers. Your email address or other personal information will never be sold or otherwise distributed for any purpose, other than what is indicated on our sign-up form.


All contents of are copyrighted and may not be reproduced on Commercial Sites without prior written consent from the publisher. Other Commercial Sites that reproduce material from this site are subject to any and all penalties under the law and will be reported immediately to major search engines.

If you would like to use material from this site for noncommercial use, please feel free, as long as:

  • You send us an email to let us know, and what site it will be used on.
  • You please provide acknowledgment and/or a link back.