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Buddha Dude Book Store By Buddha Dude and Butterfly

The Jade Buddha Welcome to our book store your source of inspiration, your source of wisdom; enlightenment.

Each and every book listed here, has been read by, or listen to (in the case of books on CD) by, both Buddha Dude and Butterfly; you have our personal stamp of approval.

The book store is broken into three categories, Buddhist material, Science material and Philosophical material, the three core categories to help you on your spiritual quest.

  • Buddhist Material is your guide to the dharma, you will find teachings in Mahayana, Theravada and Zen
  • Science Material is your guide to the physical world, it was through science that both of us found the dharma; the more you read about science, the more you will find explanations of the dharma!
  • Philosophical Material is your guide to Ethics, Morality and logic. You may read from different times, from different authors, to give you a better understanding of the dharma, was Socrates not speaking of the illusion of reality in Plato’s Cave? Training in logic will give you the foundation you will require in tight meditations.

We hope you enjoy reading our book picks as much as we did. If you are unsure of buying a book or not, please visit our Book Review section for a detailed breakdown.